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  • Yoga On Demand

    What can I expect from practicing ‘On Demand’?

    On the 1st of each month we release 10 new pre-recorded classes of varying lengths, paces and styles so that you can weave them into your week as it suits you. We’ve considered short early morning practices to help you wake up, you can begin them in bed and finish standing strong ready for the day ahead, there’s also sleep ready sequences to ease you into a state of rest and digest and there are even 40 minute bursts of dynamic movement for when you don’t quite have the energy or time for a full hour. 

    If you ever have any suggestions or requests, send them through, we are led by you.

    Do I need yoga props?

    In a studio setting we’d perhaps have access to yoga blocks, blankets and bolsters to support us in our yoga practice, especially during a restorative or yin style class. Maybe you’re very well equipped and have some of these props at home, but if not, don’t worry, we’ll DIY!

    The support we get from blocks, blankets and bolsters can be easily emulated with household items. Using some chunky hardback books that won’t collapse under light pressure, some cushions or a pillow and a couple of blankets will work just fine. 

  • Live Streamed Yoga

    What can I expect from practicing via live stream?

    We share our live streamed classes using Zoom, if you haven’t already, you can download Zoom here (for free!) The Zoom links for each of our live streamed classes will appear 24 hours before the broadcast is due to begin. 


    Head to our ‘Live’ page 15 minutes or so before the class, click the ‘Get Zoom Link’ button and it’ll pop right up for you. When you click the link, the teacher will be made aware you’re in ‘the waiting room’ and they’ll let you in when they’re ready to start. 


    Zoom, can be a two way visual but you can choose to ‘join without video’ if you’d prefer not to ‘be seen’, you can also choose to be muted should you not feel like talking – no pressure! The teacher will mute everybody when they begin the class anyway to prevent any background sound interference.

    What if I don't make it online in time?

    If something comes up and you can no longer tune in to your class on time or if you miss it completely, don’t worry, you can still access the broadcast for the full week that follows the original live stream. Just head to the Live page and click the ‘Get Video Link’ button.

  • Safety

    What if I have an injury?

    We want to do everything we can to make sure you’re practicing safely at home – please check our Safety Statement on the Terms and conditions page to make sure you’re happy with the kind of responsibility we’re asking you to take for your health and safety. These considerations are true whether you’re practicing ‘On Demand’ or ‘Live’.

    If you have any concerns or questions about the injuries, physical limitations or pain that you’re experiencing, let us know, we’ll arrange a call with you to walk through some appropriate modifications before you move your body ‘unsupervised’! 

    I'm new to yoga, what's the best class for me?

    All of our yoga is designed to be accessible though if you’re just starting out, we’d recommend starting with our ‘Move + Breathe’ and ‘Rest + Restore’ classes, they tend to be super slow moving and give newcomers a chance to get to grips with the basic postures and become familiar with principles of the way breath is used in yoga too. If you’re practicing ‘On Demand’ you can rewind, fast forward and re-play as much as you need until it all makes a little more sense.

    Regardless of your physical ability or knowledge of yoga, the most important thing is that you know you’re welcome to take what you want from each class, participate, rest, sit things out if you need to – there’s no pressure. If in doubt, reach out to us and we’ll do our best to allay any of your anxieties – no question is too silly!

    I'm pregnant! Is it ok for me to subscribe?

    Whilst our core subscription service doesn’t include any content specifically designed for pre/post natal bodies, we’ve designed a separate 12 week ‘Women’s Wellness’ programme that indeed does.

    Click here to find out more about what is included.

    When you practice yoga with us during your pregnancy, again, we want to do everything we can to keep you safe on the mat – especially when pregnant – so before booking in, please check our disclaimer page to make sure you’re happy with the kind of responsibility we’re asking you to take for your health and safety.

  • Social Impact

    I hear you're a social enterprise, what exactly does that mean?

    Yes! This means that, fundamentally, Supply Yoga has been designed to fulfil a social purpose.

    Since the very beginning, we have been in pursuit of democratic access to effective and inclusive wellness practices for our whole community, particularly folks who don’t feel represented by, safe or a sense of belonging in commercial wellness environments.


    We partner with a number of local and national charities and grass roots community organisations that support people living in social isolation, living with or at risk of long term mental and physical health challenges. We use the money that our customers, corporate partners and funders invest in us to develop appropriate health and wellbeing programmes for the folks that access support from our partners.

    It’s a cyclical model, the more you practice with us, the deeper a social impact we can make. Your purchase with us is powerful, it’s a vote for an organisation that aims to deliver a positive impact on the mental and physical health of every body, regardless of shape, size, ability, health or wealth.

    At the moment, given the limitations of social distancing, we’re working with some of our partners remotely via Zoom and Youtube Live – each week we gather virtually with the extraordinary people of East London Cares and The Bromley by Bow Centre’s mental health support programme. This Summer we’ll also be resuming our programme in partnership with Hackney Migrant Centre.

    I work with an organisation that’s interested in partnering with Supply Yoga, how do I start that conversation?

    Whilst our capacity varies from month to month, we’re always open to developing new relationships – contact us at to share a little about what your organisation does and how our health and wellbeing programming might best serve your community.