How to make the best of your online yoga classes

4 January 2022
Abi Nolan

Subscribing and practicing yoga classes online can be daunting to those of us that feel bolstered by real world encouragement and a set studio schedule to stick to. This new normal we’re all adjusting to requires a shift in perspective though, and there are many ways in which you can make the best of – and maintain – a healthy home yoga practice.

Choose a time of the day that feels right

The joy of practicing On Demand means that you can start your day with some movement no matter how much of an early riser you happen to be, or finish your day with some guided relaxation, even late into the night as the rest of the city sleeps.

Committing to a militant schedule of movement is counter to the restorative, wholesome softness that yoga can offer

Choose an online yoga class with a duration that suits you and your capacity

If you know you want to move your body but you can only spare 30 minutes because of a demanding WFH schedule, there’s plenty of simple, short, seated sequences that’ll fit around your plan for the day.

Choose a level or style that feels right for your energy levels

Any movement or time to yourself, no matter how minimal, can offer a re-set for your nervous system. Recalibrate your tense trapezius with mindful neck and shoulder mobility at your desk for a few minutes whilst you’re waiting for your zoom attendees to arrive, no leggings or yoga mat required. If you’re feeling particularly depleted, make space for your whole body to rest somewhere comfortable and enjoy a guided relaxation.

Yoga is yoga is yoga, whether you’re holding powerful poses or simply sitting with a deep breath.


Create a space that fosters rest

When you do have the time for it, fuss and flap over your practice space to ensure it is as comfortable as possible. Grab soft furnishings to keep you warm and supported throughout the practice and, most importantly, during your final, whole body rest. Pick an appropriately low bpm playlist that’ll focus your attention on your space and not the ambient surrounding sounds, dim the lights and give yourself permission to step away from the rest of your day for the 20, 30, 60 minutes that you’ve set aside for your online yoga class.

Finally, give yourself a break

Your relationship to your home yoga practice is likely to be a long term, fluctuating one that requires self motivation and good will, not easy at the best of times. Committing to a militant schedule of movement is counter to the restorative, wholesome softness that yoga can offer, practice when you’re ready for it.

We’ll be here for you when you are.