Whole Community Wellness.

Our Social Impact

We’re a social enterprise.

In partnership with 3rd sector and grass roots community support organisations, we share wellness practices and use meditative modalities to quieten the noise of London life for folks living in social isolation.

Whilst our medium is yoga, the breath and often stillness, our true currency is the social experience of togetherness. Providing safe spaces in which to slow down, take ownership of one’s health, make positive decisions for oneself and build confidence in one’s sense of belonging – that’s where the value lies.

We’ve established a reputation as an innovative, valuable and knowledgeable organisation that is changing the culture of access to wellbeing services. To date, we have developed healthy trusting relationships with organisations such as Macmillan Cancer support, The Bromley by Bow Centre, St Joseph’s Hospice, The Hackney Migrant Centre, East London Cares and Clifden Centre (NHS Homerton) – amongst many others.

Our positive impact on the East London community is made possible by you. Your purchase enables us to democratise access to mindful movement and meditative practices and move forward with our mission to shift the misconceptions of exclusivity and intimidation that are associated with wellness, especially for those that feel under represented.


Whilst our capacity varies from month to month, we’re always open to developing new relationships – contact us at info@supply.yoga to share a little about what your organisation does and how our health and wellbeing programming might best serve your community.