live and on demand yoga - prenatal and postpartum adapted

Women's Wellness

£85 for 12 weeks

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£85/12 weeks

Live Classes

Join us, at 09:30 every Saturday morning to move safely through a thoughtful, active yoga practice with real time expert guidance.

All of the yoga we’ll share here has been designed to be accessible for women experiencing the process of prenatal preparation, those adjusting to life postpartum and those that simply want to find balance and cultivate a sense of wellbeing in a supportive, women’s only space.

Each week we’ll explore a different movement, breath and relaxation sequence in support of a specific aspect of women’s health – from core strength and pelvic health to self regulation and upper body mobility. All levels of ability, knowledge and experience are welcome.

We share our live classes using Zoom, if you haven’t already, you can download Zoom here (for free!)

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Wellness Resources

For the duration of your 12 week membership you’ll have access to pre recorded material curated to compliment your experience of the live streamed classes – concise and informative guides to posture modification, breathwork for stress and restorative practices for pelvic pain.

If you are new to yoga, preparing for or recovering from birth, these on demand resources will help to build your confidence about adapting your movement and staying safe.

the details

Staying safe

    If you're expecting a baby...

    Congratulations! How far along are you?

    It’s recommended that you hold off on practicing yoga until you begin your second trimester, it’s prudent to allow time for all of the many changes that are happening in your body to settle before attending a class.

    From week 13 onwards though, we’d love you to join us. 

    If you've recently given birth...

    Congratulations! We hope you’re feeling well.

    It is recommend that new mums wait until 6 weeks postpartum before taking a yoga class, the body will benefit from a healing pause before experimenting with movement again. 

    If you’re neither prenatal nor postpartum...

    Absolutely all women are welcome – it might be that you’re recovering from an injury, perhaps you’re returning to yoga after a break or maybe you simply seek a supportive, women’s only environment in which to explore gentle, thoughtful yoga.

    Wherever you’re at, we’d love for you to join us.

    If you need a helping hand...

    If you have any questions or concerns about the injuries, physical limitations or pain that you’re experiencing, let us know, we’ll arrange a call with you to walk through it privately together. 

£85 for 12 weeks