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Each month we offer extended classes and workshops that give you an opportunity to go deeper in to the parts of your practice that are most compelling, demanding and fulfilling.

Our workshop content is designed with breadth in mind, we’ll cover a wide range of somatic and theoretical matters from how to use yoga to help manage mental health challenges to working towards a strong arm balance practice!

Our workshops happen on Sunday afternoons from 14:00 until 16:00 and cost £25, take a look at the Spring/Summer schedule and click through to the relevant date on our timetable to book a spot.

September 23RD

Women's Balance: Yoga + mindfulness for peri/meno + post menopause support

With Elena Riu

We'd like to create a space in which women can connect, feel enabled and equipped with the knowledge they need to better manage both the often bewildering emotional and chaotic physical manifestations of menopause. This workshop will include a strength restoring yoga practice, a soothing yoga nidra (guided relaxation) and an introduction to the 5 chambers of menopause and how to recognise and work with powerful changes happening in the evolving body and mind.

October 7TH

Finding Balance Upside Down: An Inversion Practice

With Sara + Akhil

Spend some time working on the strength, alignment and courage it takes to tip your hips above your heart and breathe deep in an inverted yoga posture. Together, Sara and Akhil will guide you through the preparatory steps that culminate in a strong arm, head or shoulder balance, this workshop offers up a great opportunity to explore your curiosities around an inversion practice regardless of experience or ability - as ever, all are welcome!

(The workshop will include using the wall for support so don't worry about being 'advanced' enough!).

November 4th

Building a Confident Headstand Practice

With Vanessa Joy

During this workshop we’ll practice some deep yin to open the body and move through some active, spirited physical sequences that'll identify and engage the muscle groups that we need to support us when we’re upside down in a headstand. We’ll sense, recognise and familiarise ourselves with the attitudes and reactions we apply to our practice when playing with challenging asanas. Vanessa will help you break down the process of controlling your ascent to tripod and supported headstand so that you can feel more comfortable and confident about approaching it in a regular class environment.

November 18th

Yoga for Anxiety

With Clare Waters

In this workshop Clare will share a collection of practical methods for managing and pacifying anxiety. You’ll explore ways in which to cultivate grounding and settling by using mantra, breath work, physical yoga sequences and mindfulness practices that can be applied to daily London living. The workshop will wind down with a breath work and restorative yoga practice that’ll soothe your nervous system and leave you feeling contented and calm for the week ahead. It must be noted that this workshop is not a substitute for professional advice. All content is based on personal experiences of anxiety management.

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Our thinking

We believe yoga’s power to enhance health and well-being can be put to effective use for everyone, especially where access is limited. Supply’s inclusive yoga classes will provide empowering experiences for all - transcending shape, size, ability, health and wealth.

Supply is supported by Unltd, social impact champion and foundation for the promotion of social entrepreneurship and the Beyond Business Fund in partnership with Investec, innovators in social business incubation. With this support plus the generous donations of our regulars, Supply provides communities across East London with free, safe, shared yoga experiences that reduce isolation, promote confidence, health and psychosocial well-being.

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