Mindful Movement, Restorative Togetherness and Social Impact

Using mind:body practices for whole, connected wellness, especially where access is limited.

Our Story

Born of the idea that equal access to the opportunity to be well is fundamental to the psychosocial health of our entire community, we deliver wellbeing interventions like mindful movement and yoga in partnership with London’s vital health and social support services.

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Move, breathe and rest with us from the comfort and safety of your home using our free, on demand accessible yoga and meditative practice library.

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Stories from the world of health and social justice. Writers on what wellbeing, social impact and health equity means to them.

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Developed as an evolution of the ideas that were cultivated during the lifetime of Supply Studio, ‘Supply Study’ represents our most recent immersion in change making.

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Our founder has spent more than a decade in the health and social justice space - creating accessible, affordable wellbeing interventions, building services from scratch and diving deep on research and collaboration.