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During our trading hiatus, our Founder has been immersed in learning from expert leaders in social innovation modelling, trauma informed service design and advocacy for populations impacted by systemic inequality.

With the support of The Churchill Fellowship, she travelled to Colombia and the United States to capture oral histories that express the impact of somatic and restorative practices on those affected by displacement, violence and generational trauma.

Her findings are presented in a report of recommendations titled ‘Transforming Psychosocial Health; A Social, Somatic and Restorative Practice’.

It explores the UK's potential to embed non-clinical, participatory interventions, including restorative practices, within support pathways for communities affected by the intersectional impact of displacement, trauma, and barriers to psychosocial wellness.

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She has also produced a column titled ‘Building Collective Capacity for Solidarity and Healing Among Displaced People in Colombia’ for The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University.

The piece was published by their Trauma Stress Research Council in December 2023.

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