A call for more and more throughout 2024

We spent almost every Friday of 2023 at Praxis, a vital organisation that has been providing London’s refugee and migrant communities with expert housing, immigration and social support for more than 35 years.

Our partnership with the health and wellbeing team there is longstanding, together we create space and time for deep breaths and peaceful rest for women that might otherwise have limited access to the efficacy of mind:body practices.

Sharing trauma informed mindful movement and restorative togetherness with such a well supported women’s group was truly a bright spot in our every week of the year. The connection and belonging that can be fostered and felt in the context of safety, warmth and empathy still strikes me as pure magic, even after all these years of witnessing the arc of change.

This particular partnership has been exceptional, from the devotion of the volunteers, and dynamism of the Health and Wellbeing Organiser to the commitment, resilience and generosity of the women that came along every week. The time and space we shared was highly valued, the opportunity to be safely ’in’ our bodies was embraced and the sense of motivation, self-determination and purpose was undeniable - or, as expressed by our participants..

“it makes me feel beautiful”

"I feel connected"

"the connection to the space, it boosts my moral and mental health".

This is the kind of deep, rippling impact that Supply was designed to deliver. It works, just see our long held Friday morning hugs and the women’s call for more and more throughout 2024!

We’re very grateful to Clare Proudfoot for her contribution to this project, for her peerless expertise and the warm kindness she brings to every space in which she shares her practice. 

A huge thank you to Praxis too of course, and, as they themselves say ...

“here's to a 2024 of challenging hostile policies, building community, and campaigning for change”

- we’re with you on that.

Happy New Year everyone!

Abi Nolan, 2024